Admission Based on the National Comparative Exams Score

Terms for the academic year 2021/2022

The Faculty of Management accepts the results of the Graduate Record Examination test (test Obecných studijních přepokladů in the Czech Republic or Všeobecných študijných predpokladov in Slovakia), organised as a part of the National Comparative Exams (Národní srovnávací zkoušky in the Czech Republic, Národné porovnávacie skúšky in Slovakia).

Applicants who take this exam only need to authorise the organiser (, s.r.o.) to communicate their score to the VŠE Faculty of Management. The authorisation can be awarded before or after they take the test. In this situation, the faculty will request the organiser to communicate the applicant’s score. The faculty strongly recommends that in their best interest, applicants authorise the automatic communication of their score.

Further details about the dates of the National Comparative Exams can be found at the Scio website.