Bachelor’s courses overview

The study plan at the Faculty of management is divided into several blocks. The following tables present individual blocks, including the recommended term of study (terms are marked with their order numbers, ie 1 – 6; the recommended semester is only indicative). Please note that this study plan applies to the bachelor’s study program from 2019/2020. The range of courses is constantly evolving and partially changing, so it is possible that students may meet other courses in the future.

Compulsory courses

Course 1 2 3 4 5 6
Bachelor seminar
Business economy
Empirical research in the social sciences
Financial management
Communication skills and rhetoric
Macroeconomics and economic policy
Human resources management
Management of Public Administration
Managerial Accounting
Marketing communication
Mathematical repetitorium
Mathematics for Managers
Operational Management 1
Operational Management 2
Business Information Systems
Law 1 (Law)
Law 2 (Selected Chapters of Law)
Project management
Study skills
Introduction to marketing
Public finance
Tax bases
Basics of Financial Accounting
Basics of Management
Basics of statistics

Compulsory courses – languages

Course 1 2 3 4 5 6
English Language 1
English Language 2
English Language 3
English Language 4
Foreign Language 1
Foreign Language 1
Foreign Language 1

Compulsory elective courses

Course 1 2 3 4 5 6
Application project
Environmental management
Lean management
Tourism Management
Management of small and medium-sized enterprises
Management of non-profit organizations
Sports Management
Health care management
Modelling in Economy and Management
Students Practical Training
Preparation for BEC Higher
Preparation for BEC Vantage
Labour market


There are several sport courses to choose from: aerobics, badminton, basketball, cycling, ergonomics and rehabilitation exercises, floorball, football, climbing on an artificial wall – bouldering, climbing in natural terrains, multisport course, swimming, strengthening and fitness, strengthening and stretching, self-defense, spinning, sports games, outdoor sports, table tennis, dance, volleyball training, Zumba, summer training course – Dobronice, special training course, winter training course – skiing and snowboarding.