Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) follows the establishment and implementation of an education system based on the idea of lifelong learning for mature applicants. This type of education is primarily intended for those who are already working and wish to further develop their knowledge in the field or to obtain a new qualification. Thus, the study is based on the pursuit of a profession or on the interest of the applicant. The lifelong learning system takes place outside the curriculum.

The CLL project is based on the analysis of lifelong learning opportunities in the South Bohemia Region and builds on the experience acquired from organizing FM courses for the general public.

What do we offer?

Comprehensive educational activities for the general public in the field of management, economics, accounting, finance, taxes, computer technology, languages, psychology of work, etc. These are educational activities of a diverse nature, which are based on the offer of study fields at our faculty with the emphasis on the needs of those interested in education.

Types of educational activities:

  • Extraordinary study
  • Preparatory courses for entrance exams
  • Courses – one day to two-semester
  • Re-qualification courses
  • One-day training
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • University of the Third Age

Everything is with the possibility of modulation of activity according to the target group of participants for:

  • Individuals among the general public
  • Companies
  • Institutions

In terms of extraordinary study, we offer the possibility to study for a fee – without an entrance examination – the subjects currently taught at the Faculty of Management of the Prague University of Economics and Business. The rights and obligations that apply to this type of study are stipulated for the individual programmes of the extraordinary study.

The main purpose of the courses is to communicate knowledge and provide experience to people who need the knowledge and practical skills to perform certain job positions and make the right decisions. A separate category consists of preparatory courses for entrance exams at our faculty and re-qualification courses.

Seminars provide information and help participants to learn about a particular issue and further stimulate active discussion among participants.

At the University of the Third Age, we offer educational and professional expertise to all senior age applicants. We organize lectures on selected topics, computer courses, language courses, Summer School of the University of the Third Age and other interesting activities.

The facilities and operation of the University of the Third Age are funded from the development programmes of the Ministry of Education, from the contribution of the Prague University of Economics and Business, and from the student fees of the University of the Third Age.



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