Library Rules

  1. Access to the study room is only permitted to library users upon presentation of a valid library card. The user must check in their library card upon arrival and departure for the purpose of the study room statistics. Entry to external visitors will be permitted after reporting to and receiving subsequent approval by the library staff.
  2. Before entering the study room, the user can leave their coat, jacket, backpack, bag, etc. in the locker room or, alternatively, during their visit to the library, in the lockable cabinets that can be found on the second floor of the main building. The key for the lockable cabinets can be borrowed on the basis of presenting a valid library card at the library reception. The library is not responsible for any belongings left unattended.
  3. The user is entitled to study the books, magazines, and other materials available in the study room, as well as any other publications available on-demand from the stock. Taking materials to another floor of the library must be reported to the library staff or to the student service.
  4. Materials that are not needed for further study are to be placed in dedicated areas.
  5. Long-term loans are not permitted during the extended opening hours of the library. The bibliobox can be used for returning borrowed books outside of the library’s operating hours, see the Rules for using the Bibliobox (Annex No. 1).
  6. The use of phones, eating and drinking, except for drinks in sealable bottles, is not permitted.
  7. The user may only occupy one seat. The user is obliged to behave quietly and respectfully to others, not to damage the equipment and to follow the instructions of the staff or the student service.
  8. Self-service copying and scanning are only permitted for your own use and in accordance with the Copyright Act.
  9. Computers located in the study rooms must be used in accordance with Rector’s Directive PR01/07 on “Operation and Use of Computer Equipment and the Network of the Prague University of Economics and Business”.
  10. A wireless laptop connection may be used in compliance with the conditions laid down by the Computing Centre.
  11. The user is fully responsible for any damage to documents, computer equipment, and library facilities. Any damage, defect or soiling must be reported immediately to the library staff or to the student service.
  12. Users of the Faculty of Management library can borrow e-book readers based on the Electronic Equipment Loan Agreement (Annex No. 2), which states the loan terms.
  13. A user of the study room who violates the Library Rules or the Operational Rules of the FM Study Room may have their user rights temporarily or permanently restricted.

Prepared by: Mgr. Věra Kubátová, Head of the Library, Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec.

Approved by: doc. Ing. Vladislav Bína, Dean of the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec

In Jindřichův Hradec, 17.12.2018

This document is effective from 1.1.2019.

Rules for using the Bibliobox

  1. The bibliobox is exclusively for the return of books borrowed from the Library of the Faculty of Management.
  2. Books returned to the bibliobox will be debited from the user’s account on the next working day by 9 a.m. providing they are undamaged. The return of the books can be verified in the library catalogue (user account).
  3. The library will not sign off any books from a user’s account that show any signs of damage. The user will be contacted and prompted to resolve the situation.
  4. If any penalty fees are incurred upon retrieval (for delayed returns), they will be logged to the user’s account. The user will be requested to pay the penalty fees upon their next visit to the library.

The borrowing period for the remaining unreturned documents will not be automatically extended.