University Sports Club

The mission of the University Sports Club of the Faculty of Management (USC) is to offer leisure activities for students and employees of the Faculty of Management, as well as other interested parties.

All members of the club can choose from a large range of sports activities. During each semester, several options are available every day including long-term tournaments, training sessions and sports, mainly for fun. Most of the trainers or organizers are students and employees of the Faculty of Management.

Sports life is also livened up by various in-time sports events. The most important event is the Rector’s Sports Day, where the whole day is devoted to various sports activities. Moreover, for its members and runners from all over the region, the USC organises the annual Jindřichohradecká hodinovka (one hour run).

Another important role of the USC is the representation of the Faculty of Management and the City of Jindřichův Hradec, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our representatives have participated in sports events, for example in Switzerland (Bern, St. Gallen), Poland (Wroclaw), or Netherlands (Eindhoven) several times. USC members regularly represent the faculty at the Czech academic championships.

The advantage of membership is that you can play sports almost every day of the week and try out the many different sports that we offer at a great price. Membership is valid throughout the academic year.
For more information on the club and its membership, please contact: