Doctoral Studies

The study programme Management  is accredited in Czech and English language in daily or blended form. The standard duration is 4 years (5 years maximum).

The Ph.D. study programme at the Faculty management aims to educate young researchers who can contribute to the various disciplines under the field of Management. Ph.D. candidates acquire an extended knowledge from Management and Economics, as well as from the disciplines essential for the scientific work in academia, i.e., Research Methodology and Design or Quantitative/Qualitative Research Methods. This allows the graduates to apply for a job not only in academia or research in general but also in business areas where the scientific
or evidence-based approach is required.

The graduates are able to:

  • contribute and further extend the knowledge in the field of Management,
  • take advantage of the knowledge of state of the art in the given field and to use it for further scientific contribution, education or business practice,
  • work on both research and teaching positions in academia, senior management positions business, or public administration bodies.

Field compulsory subjects

  1. 6DEKO1 Economics
  2. 6DMAN1 Management
  3. 6DVDM1 Research Design and Methodology

The doctoral student chooses one of the two subjects on the recommendation of a supervisor

  1. 6DKLM1 Qualitative Research Methods in Management
  2. 6DKNM1 Quantitative Research Methods in Management

After discussion with his/her supervisor the doctoral student chooses maximum of three other subjects needed for the doctoral thesis

  • DZAH1 Research Stay
  • Other optional subjects may be chosen from the list of offered optional subjects accredited for
    doctoral study of other faculties of VŠE.

Additional Requirements & Duties

The conditions of study in the doctoral study programme are regulated by the Study and Examination Rules of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Specific duties of Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Management are regulated by the Doctoral Standard.

More information can be obtained from Ph.D. studies officer Mgr. Irena Míková (, 384 417 235).