Terms for the Academic Year 2024/2025

Study programmeStandard length of the study programmeMaximum number of students acceptedForm of studyLanguage
Management2 years300
(both forms combined)
combined *

*) In the combined form of study, the course takes place in the form of four workshops each semester, on Fridays, Saturdays, and also on Sundays.

I. Legal Requirement for Admission

Graduation from another university degree programme is a legal prerequisite for enrolment in a master’s degree programme. Graduates of universities in other countries must prove that they have earned a bachelor’s or higher degree by submitting a certificate of completed university education obtained by completing a university degree programme at a university in another country regulated by the laws of that country; this is:

  1. A certified copy of a diploma, report or another similar document issued by the university in another country; and
  2. A certified copy of the diploma supplement and a certified translation of both documents into Czech or English.

Proof that university education obtained in another country is recognised in the Czech Republic is only required if the Faculty of Management challenges the adequacy of the level, extent or content of the education programme completed by the applicant in another country according to the submitted certificate and requests that the applicant submits proof of recognition of his or her education in the Czech Republic. As a university with institutional accreditation, Prague University of Economics and Business has the right to waive the requirement to submit proof of nostrification of foreign education under sections 48 (4) to (6) of the Higher Education Act and instead assess the applicant’s foreign education as a part of the admission procedure to judge whether it meets the legal requirements for enrolment in the study programme. Further instructions are available at https://edu.vse.cz/.

II. Waiving the Entrance Exam

The dean will waive the entrance exam for graduates of the bachelor’s degree programme at the Faculty of Management who meet all the following conditions:

  • The graduate must submit an application to the master’s degree programme at the Faculty of Management;
  • The graduate must complete their bachelor’s degree programme no later than 31 August 2024; and
  • The graduate has not enrolled in the master’s degree programme at the Faculty of Management previously.

Furthermore, the dean of the Faculty of Management may decide to waive the entrance exam requirement for individual students who achieved excellent results in student competitions recognised by the faculty in the course of their bachelor’s degree programme.

III. Entrance Exam

All applicants whose entrance exam has not been waived under section II must take an entrance exam. This is a written test consisting of two parts, both with the same maximum number of points:

  • A test on the theory of management; and
  • An economics test.

Sample tests from past years are available at https://www.fm.vse.cz/english/masters-degree-study-programme/sample-tests/.

The invitation to take the entrance exam will be sent electronically to the email address indicated in the application.

Applicants will be admitted based on their final score in the entrance exam, which will be ranked against other students. The number of applicants admitted according to their ranking will be based on the government’s university funding policy and the available capacity at the faculty and the Prague University of Economics and Business.

IV. Admission and Enrolment

All students who have duly applied by the set deadline will receive a Decision on Admission by email and by post. Admitted applicants must then enrol in their study programme in due form.

The date for enrolment will be indicated in the Decision on Admission  and the enrollment will be taken in an on-line form.

If any of the admitted applicants choose not to enrol, their places may be allocated to some of the applicants who were not admitted due to insufficient capacity and who filed an application to have this decision reviewed.

V. Second Round of the Admission Procedure

If there is free capacity once the enrolment deadline for the master’s degree programme has passed, the dean of the faculty can open a second round of the admission procedure. The details of the requirements and dates for the second round, if applicable, will be published no later than 12 July 2024.

VI. Applications and Dates

The deadline for submitting an application to a degree programme in the first round of the admission procedure is 30 April 2024.

Applications must be submitted online at https://prihlasky.vse.cz/. After submitting their applications, applicants will receive an email with the bank account number and reference number needed to pay the fee charged to cover the expenses related to the admission procedure. The email will be sent to the email address indicated in the application. The fee of 930 CZK can be paid by card using the link in the application records system. Fees for multiple applications cannot be grouped into one payment. Applicants are considered to have duly completed the application process once they have submitted a correctly completed electronic application and the whole of the fee charged has arrived at the designated bank account.

Fees for the admission procedure are not refundable.

VII. Entrance Exam Dates

The regularly scheduled date for the entrance exam for admission into the Management master’s degree programme is Friday, 14 June 2024. Further details will be provided in the invitation to take the entrance exam that the applicants will receive unless they have had their entrance exam waived.

Alternatively, applicants can take their entrance exam on Monday, 17 June 2024. Please note that applicants must apply to take their exams on this date no later than on the regularly scheduled date of the entrance exam.

The Faculty of Management cannot guarantee that the dates of the entrance exam will not overlap with the dates of entrance exams to other faculties of Prague University of Economics and Business for applicants who apply to more than one faculty.