International Relations of the Faculty of Management

The development of foreign relations and the internationalisation of the Faculty of Management are crucial for its long-term positive development. Foreign and international activities of the faculty contribute significantly to the internationalisation of both educational and scientific activities. Therefore, this section forms an integral part of the Strategic Development Plan of the Faculty of Management, Prague University of Economics and Business for the period 2021-2025. The main goals of this section include:

  1. Escalating student and academic mobility
  2. Escalating student mobility (short and long term)
  3. Escalating incoming academic mobility
  4. Establishing international cooperation to support the internationalisation process of the internal environment

The faculty is integrated into all forms of outgoing and incoming mobility of students and academics. In terms of the implementation of student and academic outgoing mobility, the faculty makes the most of the ERASMUS+ programme and the extensive partner network of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Student participation in internship programmes organised in collaboration with the faculty’s partner network organizations is also increasing.

Further outgoing mobility information

Incoming mobility is not as intensive given the size of the faculty and particularly due to its location in a small town. Academics arrive for short-term educational stays via ERASMUS+. They are involved in teaching standard courses in English although more often in short-term study programmes organised for foreign students. Foreign students can arrive using these mobility programmes:

Further information can be found here:

The faculty also strives to establish closer cooperation with selected foreign faculties of a similar focus and size. It is gradually expanding its partner network based on memorandums of cooperation. Faculty partners are offered the opportunity to collaborate in the following areas:

  • Exchange of students, academics and researchers
  • Exchange of information, experience and sharing of new knowledge
  • Joint research or development projects
  • Joint research publications
  • Joint conferences seminars and workshops
  • Joint Double Degree study programme

The faculty partner network currently consists of the following organisations: