The Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management is the youngest faculty of the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE), which is the largest public university of economics in the Czech Republic and is highly ranked both domestically and abroad.

The Faculty of Management is the only faculty of the VŠE located outside the capital and provides education in the fields of Economics and Management for almost 1,000 students. Highly-skilled professionals from various spheres of management and the new flexible modular study programme enable students to adapt to the needs of the labour market to a far greater extent. This is why our graduates are appreciated for their knowledge and skills and their employment rate is one of the highest in the Czech Republic.

The primary advantages of the Faculty of Management are the:

  1. environment of the largest and oldest Czech economic-managerial university
  2. high rate of employment among graduates
  3. fully renovated and contemporary five-floor campus
  4. friendly atmosphere
  5. location in the beautiful town of Jindřichův Hradec

Study System

The new academic year starts in mid-September and is divided into the winter and summer semesters (terms). The schedule for the academic year specifies the teaching and examination periods, the period of enrolment into the courses for a particular semester, and the vacation period. The teaching period lasts 13 weeks while the examination period lasts 6 weeks.

The academic year schedule can be found here.

All exchange students are given the opportunity to finish their exams for regular courses by the end of the classes. However, not all of the grades will be recorded in the information system by then so, for example, if a student receives between 50 – 59 points as a total for a course, they will be given the opportunity to retake the final exam for this course during the exam period. Consequently, if the students do not retake the final exam, they will be given a fail grade for the course. Exchange students can also take exams during the examination period upon previous agreement with the lecturer.

The assessment methods and criteria are always specified in the course syllabus. At the beginning of the first lecture, the lecturer usually presents students with the basic organizational rules including the assessment method. The criteria usually consist of:

  • Active lecture/seminar/workshop/tutorial participation
  • Term paper
  • Mid-term test(s)
  • Final test

The Faculty of Management uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) as a standard for comparing study attainment and student performance. The assessment is based on the student’s overall score:

  • 1 – Excellent (90 – 100%)
  • 2 – Very good (75 – 89%)
  • 3 – Good (60 – 74%)
  • 4 – Insufficient (0 – 59%)

Dormitory and Student Canteen

The Dormitory and Student Canteen are situated in the city centre within 10 minutes’ walk from the Faculty of Management. Students can choose from double-bed, triple-bed and quadruple-bed rooms. Students are assigned to share their room with a person of the same sex unless they have an explicit wish to stay with somebody of the opposite sex.

The rooms are fully furnished and are equipped with beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes, lockers and a small refrigerator. Two rooms share a bathroom (shower, toilet, sink). Blankets, pillows, and bed linen are provided to students free of charge (students can request clean bed linen twice a month). A Wi-Fi internet connection is available in every room free of charge. There are multiple kitchens equipped with electric stoves and microwave ovens, and study lounges on each floor. Students can also use the washing machines, a sauna and a small gym for a small fee. A 24-hour security service is provided. Students are obliged to show their identification card upon entering the dormitory.

Students can use the canteen, which is located in the area of the dormitory. The canteen offers a complete lunch menu at a reduced price and students can order two meals a day. They can take the meal away if they so wish. Meals must be ordered at least one day in advance via the online application or directly in the canteen via the information system.

Free Time

The Faculty of Management provides its students with the opportunity to participate in numerous free time activities. Students can join various cultural and sports events throughout the academic year. Some of the most popular ones include:

Sports activities under the University Sports Club

The University Sports Club offers more than 15 sports activities for faculty students during the week. After registration, students can participate in a whole range of sports activities, such as aerobics, Zumba, indoor training, TRX, swimming, alpinning and fitness, etc.

The University Sports Club also organizes an annual Christmas swimming competition and Easter running race. Both these activities are very popular among students and the public and give students an opportunity to compare their sporting abilities with the local sportsmen.

Alfa Run

This is an annual 5 km run during which students can support a local charity organization while also getting fitter. This also includes an informal chat with popular Czech sportsmen and an attractive accompanying programme.

International Days

These are an enjoyable event where everybody can see the photos and posters of the countries visited by students within the exchange programme. Erasmus students present their country and talk about their universities, study programmes and hometowns. There is also time for a discussion where students can ask any questions. Students can also taste typical foods from countries where our Erasmus students originally come from.

Halloween Night

If you want to take part in an American Halloween feast, then don’t hesitate and join us! You can carve pumpkins and compete for the best Halloween costume or the scariest pumpkin. You can enjoy light refreshments, music, take a photo with your spooky pumpkins and simply enjoy a pleasant evening with friends at the faculty.

FaMa Drama Club

The student drama club hosts one performance that usually has a Czech comedy or popular fairy tale theme at the end of each term. The performance is one of the most popular free time events at the faculty. The actors always do a great job and receive standing ovations.

Christmas Celebration and Christmas Market

This is a day devoted to celebrating the upcoming Christmas. Students and faculty staff can buy Christmas presents, taste Christmas sweets and drink punch at the faculty. They can also attend a Christmas guided tour of the town that finishes at the old castle tower where they can taste traditional local Christmas food.

The Pub quiz & Students’ Party

This is the traditional Pub Quiz competition where five teams of students compete for a title of the smartest team at the Faculty of Management – “the nerds of the faculty”.

Students also organize a large themed party called the “Bufet” on the first Tuesday of each month where they wear themed costumes and have a lot of fun. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people.