Information about the Faculty

I am the smallest and the youngest. Nevertheless, I invest all my skills, patience and heart into everything I do. My home is the picturesque historical town of Jindřichův Hradec amidst the beautiful countryside of South Bohemia. Thanks to all this, I have become home to anyone who has met me.

The Faculty of Management is a proud member of the Prague University of Economics and Business. The economics and management programme provides students with extensive knowledge in the field of management both in theory and practice in all three tiers: Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes. All three tiers can be studied either full-time or in a combined form that will be appreciated by those who wish to combine their work commitments with their studies.

Due to the longstanding combination of theoretical knowledge and practice, students have the unique opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills during professional internships, where they have the opportunity to join one of our partner organisations.

The opportunity to study abroad at one of the wide network of partner universities of the Prague University of Economics and Business provides an invaluable experience for each and every student.

Since self-fulfilment is an important part of the study, the Faculty of Management provides support, space and a free hand to anyone who wants to take their thoughts, skills and ideas further whether within a student association or at the University Sports Club.

The hometown of the faculty, Jindřichův Hradec, captivates every visitor. The town tempts everyone to discover its history, which can be seen and felt with each and every step of the way. The nature and the surrounding landscape of the town will dazzle or even swallow you whole.

I would like to meet you all. And I can prove to each and every one of you that home is in the south.

I am the Faculty of Management.