Study and Experience Programme

Do you want to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of management? Do you want to be part of an international program with students from all around the world? Do you want to earn ECTS credits? If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, look no further and join our Study&Experience programme. You will gain the most valuable and up-to-date knowledge and explore the historical town with a beautiful wild nature of Czech Canada.

The faculty campus is located in Jindrichuv Hradec (approx. 150 km south of Prague).

What can you look forward to?

The program runs for one week, from November 4 to November 8 2024 as a fully onsite event. The course will be open with a minimum number of 6-18 participants.


Extracurricular activities:

  • Welcome gathering
  • Town tour
  • Fun quiz
  • Student club event
  • Sport activities (like disc-golf)
  • Museum visit / Watchtower visit
  • Guest lecture on the use of AI

How to register?

Registration is open via the study information system


If you have any questions, you can reach us at

Study and Experience Programme