Doctoral study programmes held in the English language are charged 500 € per year. More information can be found in here.

There are several funding schemes to support excellent international students

  1. Students can (every year) submit a project proposal to the Internal Grant Agency. The funded project can include a stipend that could cover a significant part of the one-year tuition. The deadline for project applications is December with funding beginning from May the next year)
  2. For students who have previous experience with research and have already published good papers (i.e. included in Web of Science and maybe in Scopus databases), there is a support scheme (application to be submitted every year) that can fully cover the one-year tuition.
  3. Students receive bonuses for publications affiliated with the FM VŠE. The incentive for publication in a top-tier journal (i.e., Q1 or Q2 in Web of Science) can cover one-year tuition (for a single author and full affiliation to FM VŠE).

The support schemes can be combined. For more information, contact Assoc. Prof. Tomáš Kincl, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for Science, Research & Ph.D. Studies.