Study at the Faculty of Management

  1. Even though we are not situated in the capital city, we are still a proud member of the Prague University of Economics and Business. By studying with us you will get all the advantages of this strong brand, which is regularly ranked among the top ones in the ranks of the best economical-management universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

  2. We offer you all three levels of study. You can study bachelors, master’s and you can even try the doctoral studies. And all of these in both full-time and combined form.

  3. Do you want to find out what it is like to use theoretical knowledge in practice? No problem. Every new semester we prepare for you, in cooperation with our partner companies and organizations, lots of new internships and practices. This will help you determine if the theory and practice differ. And in the end – you can add to your CV that you have at least one-semester of professional experience.

  4. Want to study abroad? Thinking about what it is like to try one semester abroad at another prestigious university? The Prague University of Economics and Business has more than 240 partner universities in its partner network, which means you have a great chance to study at your dreamed college!

  5. Sitting and studying bores you? Do you have ideas or dreams you want to implement? Become a member of one of the many student associations. You can organize lectures or events, informal events, participate in charity activities, play a theater, write a student magazine, play in a band or regularly sport or even lead sports lessons.

  6. You can experience all of this in a magical, historic city with endless nature all around. You will see that our city and its surroundings will catch you in the heart.

Do you wish to know more?

Do you wish to find out more information regarding the conditions for admission to the Bachelor’s or follow-up Master’s study programmes? We have everything ready for you. Simply contact us on Facebook where we will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.