Doctoral study programme – regular scholarship

Regular scholarship applies to students enrolled full-time in the course with the standard period of study. The scholarship is paid once a month into the student’s bank account, details of which are provided by the student to the Science and Research Department. The calculation of the regular scholarship is regulated by the rules below.

In addition to the scholarship, the student is also rewarded in the form of a scholarship for the results of their creative activity. The remuneration awarded for the results of their creative activity is paid according to the distribution of institutional support funds for the long-term conceptual development at the Faculty of Management in Prague valid for the current year (i.e. the same rules apply as for the remuneration of the academic staff).

A doctoral student can also obtain an additional scholarship for fulfilling their duties beyond the scope stipulated by the Decree of the Dean No. 6/2017 on the further duties of doctoral students at the Faculty of Management of the Prague University of Economics and Business (as amended). Fulfilment of these obligations is usually assessed four times a year (in December for the period 9-10-11; in March for the period 12-1-2; in June for the period 3-4-5 and in September for the period 6-7-8).