Reporting of Scientific, Research and Publishing Results

The procedure for reporting the results of scientific research and publishing activities is as follows.

  1. The tutor or a doctoral student (usually the first author of the publication) will complete the relevant application form for the preparation of the publication record and send it electronically to Mrs Piklová ( The set of application forms for the relevant types of publications (categories) is available below on this page.
  2. The author submits the printed and signed application form to Mrs Piklová.
  3. In order to enter the publication into the database, it must also be physically submitted to Mrs Piklová for checking (this means, to bring the conference proceedings, magazine number, book, etc. Of course, everything will be returned to the author after checking the correctness of the record). An exception may be granted to publications that are only available online.
  4. Data will be entered into the new publishing database by Mrs Piklová on behalf of FM (if necessary, she can be substituted by Mgr. Míková) – both trained by doc. Sklenák and CIKS staff.