Lending. That’s our mission.

In the first place, we are a library. You will find professional, compulsory and other recommended literature for the classes and courses taught at the Faculty of Management. You can borrow the books for up to one month. If the book is not reserved by another user, you can extend the loan period 2 times, up to 3 months in total. Selected books are available for full-time study only (so they cannot be borrowed for home study). You may also borrow Amazon Kindle 8 Touch e-book readers under a loan agreement.

In addition to traditional professional management and economic literature, we also lend books on IT, economics, psychology, communication skills, academic writing, and foreign languages.

What else can you borrow from us? We are a kind of “first aid”, so in an emergency you can borrow mobile phone chargers, headphones, umbrellas, pens, calculators, flash drives, folders, paper clips, papers or glue. And if you need as much isolation from your surroundings as possible, we also have earplugs. You don’t have to return them to us, we’ll be happy to donate them to you. Feeling cold? We will lend you a blanket.

Accessing e-resources

Prague University of Economics and Business subscribes to a number of electronic information resources, which can be searched through a catalogue. You can access thousands of e-books, full-text article databases, statistical data, legal regulations, company data and get access to the world’s top citation indexes Web of Science and Scopus.

Professional workshops

On a regular basis we join the courses of Research Methods in Management or Business Economics, where we help students with electronic resources, citations or searching in databases. These areas are also covered by the Centre for Information and Library Services of the Prague University of Economics and Business as on-line workshops every week. We also cooperate with the University of the 3rd Age and prepare comprehensive educational lecture series, such as “How to Survive in the World of (Des)Information”.

Ssssshhh…it’s study time!

On two floors we provide quiet study place, separate, sound-proof glass cubicles, as well as cowork spaces. Here you can work efficiently without distractions, concentrate fully on what you are doing, use your time more effectively and increase your productivity. You can also use marker boards and presentation equipment such as large plasma screens to work on your projects.

Chill-out room

Relax on the couch or in the armchair. In the chill-out room on the 4th floor you can also play the electronic piano or play some board games, such as Cashflow, which simulates real-life financial strategies and situations. In addition to the often-needed relaxation, you’ll also find an alumni corner with an “alumni tree” on which we hang the business cards of our successful alumni who, via this tree, stay connected to their alma mater.

Printing, copying and scanning

On the 4th floor of the library, a computer lab is available to all visitors. The computers are connected to multifunction devices that can not only print, but also copy or scan documents. You can thus make a copy or scan of whatever you need at any time for your own use.

The cultural heart of the faculty

Because the library is not only about books, we organize thematic exhibitions on a regular basis. For example, we dive into the history of education in the town of Jindrichuv Hradec or into the out-of-school world and hobbies of our students and employees.


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