Application for an Educational Stay at the Faculty of Management

An application for a Teaching stay can be submitted to the vice-dean for external relations.

It is advisable to specify the date of stay, preferred course participation, the source of funding, and additional details regarding the academic’s stay. If the stay is financed from the ERASMUS+ programme, it is necessary to submit the relevant application forms and follow the rules of this programme.

More detailed information regarding the courses offered and participation in the lessons will be provided by the heads of the relevant departments:

The faculty can flexibly respond to the needs of foreign academic staff and is usually able to adapt to their needs. Direct contact with a minimum bureaucratic burden based on mutual trust is preferred. The faculty applies this approach throughout the course of the academic’s stay and aims to create the best conditions for their activities while enabling them to join in faculty life while feeling welcome and a fully-fledged faculty member.

You are welcome to suggest a Trainee stay. In such case, please contact the vice-dean for external relations.