List of academic journals registered in WoS, Scopus and Academic Journal Guide databases

The attached file contains journals belonging to the field of management and economics, registered in the Web of Science and Scopus databases, and ranked in Academic Journal Guide by Association of Business Schools.

The list includes journals from Web of Science and Scopus databases which belong to Ford category 5.2 Economics and Business, but also other Ford 5 Social Sciences sub-groups (i.e, 5.1 Psychology and cognitive science, 5.3 Education, 5.4 Sociology, 5.5 Law, 5.6 Political science, 5.7 Social and economic geography, 5.8 Media and communications, 5.9 Other social sciences), and also to other sub-groups which to which the authors at the faculty may contribute (1.2 Computer and information sciences, 3.3 Health sciences, 6.3 Philosophy, Ethics and Religion).

Note: Some journals are listed multiple times (they feature in multiple categories). The information about Web of Science or Scopus journal ranking is complemented by the ranking of Academic Journal Guide by Association of Business Schools.

Note: This does not involve an exhaustive list of “desirable” or supported journals. The purpose of the list is to enable easier orientation of the overwhelming number of disciplines and journals that are available. These are journals that contribute to the discipline evaluation of the Faculty of Management of the Prague University of Economics and Business. The Academic Journal Guide also contains other journals, which are also evaluated in terms of publishing activities at the Faculty of Management of the Prague University of Economics and Business, as these are outputs recognised by the international scientific community in the given discipline.

Each journal should always be examined separately. Unfortunately, even databases such as Web of Science and Scopus now contain journals that could be classified as predatory or vanity press or that fail to follow the principles of journal publishing ethics. Publishing your paper in such journals is not recommended as it can hurt the reputation of the authors and their institutes. Please see The Faculty of Management Statement on so-called Predatory Publishers and Journals for more details.