Department of Management

The Department of Management offers education in managerial disciplines in bachelor and master degree study in full-time, combined and in extraordinary form. Selected pedagogues are trainers and lectures in the doctoral study programme of the faculty. As a starting point for teaching and other scientific research work, management is taught as a compulsory subject for all study fields of the faculty. Follow-up subjects respect the systematic approach to management from a functional, decision and informational point of view. The courses on offer are designed to provide students with the required level of knowledge and factual findings.

Professional experts also participate in teaching, whether in the form of individual lectures, out-of semester courses, external teaching, managing of student’s final work, participation in state exams and their defences. Students are also welcome to attend excursions to significant corporate and public sector entities.

Members of the department play a major role in the three specializations of the Master’s program: Business Management (in both Czech and English), Marketing Management and Health Care Management.

Graduates of these specializations find employment in managerial positions of middle and senior management of Czech and international organizations in profit and non-profit sector.


Assoc. Prof. Jiri Dvořák, Ph.D.
Deputy-Head of the Department
jiri.dvorak@vse.cz411+420 384 417 253
Tatana Hajdikova, Ph.D.tatana.hajdikova@vse.cz418+420 384 417 251
Daniela Kandilaki, Ph.D.daniela.kandilaki@vse.cz427+420 384 417 289
Assoc. Prof. Tomas Kincl, Ph.D.tomas.kincl@vse.cz505+420 384 417 154
Petra Kozakova, Ph.D.
Head of the Department
petra.kozakova@vse.cz413+420 384 417 216
Pavel Kral, Ph.D.pavel.kral@vse.cz228+420 384 417 238
Vera Kralova, Ph.D.vera.kralova@vse.cz215
Jana Krbova, Ph.D.jana.krbova@vse.cz415+420 384 417 217
Martin Lusticky, Ph.D.martin.lusticky@vse.cz412+420 384 417 258
Martin Musil, Ph.D.martin.musil@vse.cz414+420 384 417 245
Michal Novak, Ph.D.michal.novak@vse.cz503+420 384 417 151
Assoc. Prof. Peter Pazitny, Ph.D., MSc.peter.pazitny@vse.cz427+420 384 417 289
Jana Pevna, Ph.D.jana.pevna@vse.cz410+420 384 417 218
Assoc. Prof. Mojmir Sabolovic, Ph.D.mojmir.sabolovic@vse.cz407+420 384 417 250
Jiri Slama, Ph.D.jiri.slama@vse.cz403384 417 225
Irena Stejskalova, Ph.D.irena.stejskalova@vse.cz413+420 384 417 216
Assoc. Prof. Petr Stumpf, Ph.D.petr.stumpf@vse.cz419
Stanislav Tripes, Ph.D.stanislav.tripes@vse.cz419+420 384 417 271
Tereza Vinsovatereza.vinsova@vse.cz418+420 384 417 107
Lucie Sara Zavodna, Ph.D.lucie.zavodna@vse.cz410
Jan Zavodny Pospisil, Ph.D.jan.zavodny@vse.cz416