Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences teaches courses for students of full-time and part-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. The courses offered by the department include an introduction to social sciences within the context of management, languages and sports. Students can write and defend their bachelor’s, master’s and PhD thesis on a wide range of topics under the supervision of the lecturers at the department.

The academic staff at the department are involved in scientific and research projects and present the results of their research at conferences and in journals and monographs.

Teaching and research at the department are conducted in cooperation with the broader academic community and secondary schools as well as organisations and institutions outside the education sector. The department’s employees provide interdisciplinary studies, analyses and other required materials, and offer consulting services.


Name and position Room Phone E-Mail
PhDr. Hiršová Miloslava, Ph.D. 214 384 417 207
Mgr. Ing. Král Pavel
Deputy head of the department
Secretary of the department
228 384 417 238
Ing. Králová Věra, Ph.D. 215
Mgr. Míková Irena 406 384 417 235
Bc. Monika Oušková 232 384 417 272
Mgr. Polívková Jana, Ph.D. 230 384 417 214
Riley Steven, BA 231 384 417 252
Mgr. Daniela Strnková 229 384 417 230
RNDr. Syrovátka Oldřich, CSc. 229 384 417 205
Mgr. Michal Šimůnek, Ph.D. 216 384 417 276
Ing. Jiří Vopátek, Ph.D.
Head of the department
211 384 417 279
Ing. Votava Libor, Ph.D. 221 384 417 260