Science and Research Department

The Science and Research activities conducted by the Faculty of Management staff are primarily focused on the development and application of the disciplines that support managerial activity and especially managerial decision-making. It involves studying different formal (mathematical) methods and designing models as well as creating decision support strategies at various levels of the management process. In the area of information science and artificial intelligence, research focuses on addressing current issues arising from the mass use of computing technologies. We primarily have in mind the solution of special issues related to the acquisition of knowledge from the data and assessment of the knowledge relevance such as the selection of the most informative decision making flags. In the area of mathematical statistics, research focuses on the methods of time series analysis, especially methods for estimating the breakpoint in a time series of censuses. Research of discrete mathematics, for example, deals with the development of the issue of covering acyclic digraphs using different pathways. These are used to solve real problems in the field of public transport systems theory, where our research activities focus on addressing financing methodologies, using a heterogeneous fleet of vehicles and interactive management. In the area of socio-economic disciplines, research focuses on issues related to the behaviour of economic subjects in terms of product delivery through a public service or on a commercial basis and controlled via a selected ownership structure. In the field of macroeconomics, the original general model of the systemic financial crisis was formulated, highlighting the importance of the debt problem among the causes of the financial crises. In the field of the tax system, a scientific analysis of the impact of the effects of the pension tax on business activity and the measurement of the costs of the tax system was elaborated.

Scientific activities