International Staff

The Faculty of Management is open to academics from around the world. The faculty is pleased to welcome lecturers in management, marketing and all related management and economic disciplines. Lecturers are welcome anytime during the academic year and participate in standard courses taught in English. The exact academic year schedules can be found here.

The faculty is also open to lecturers provided outside the standard courses, and who will enhance the knowledge of management students.

Academics can also engage in teaching courses of two short-term student mobility programmes:

Although most academics arrive within the ERASMUS+ programme, other mobility options include the CEEPUS programme, an alternative programme arranged through bilateral agreements between the Prague University of Economics and Business and selected partner universities. Academics can also visit the faculty outside these programmes. However, all arriving academic staff must ensure that their stay is funded!

Academic staff can use the facilities and information technologies available at the faculty. In the case of a long stay, they are also assigned their own office or office space. The faculty can, upon request, arrange free accommodation on its campus in the modern accommodation units. Lunches in the student canteen can also be arranged. The faculty also assigns mentors to arriving academics to assist them with orientation in the faculty environment throughout their stay.

Courses taught in English

The following courses are offered as part of the bachelor’s programme:

  • Basics of Management (Department of Management)
  • Macroeconomics and Economic Policy (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Introduction to Marketing (Department of Management)
  • Sports Management (Department of Social Sciences)

The following courses are offered as part of the master’s programme:

  • Sustainable Development Management (Department of Management)
  • Strategic Management (Department of Management)
  • Strategic Management (Department of Management)
  • Human Resources Management (Department of social sciences)
  • Business Finance (Department of Management)
  • Supply Chain Management (Department of Exact Methods)
  • Modelling in Management (Department of Exact Methods)
  • International Management (Department of Management)
  • Marketing Simulation (Department of Management)
  • Knowledge Management (Department of Exact Methods)

This list is for reference only; courses are assigned according to the students’ preferences. Therefore, not all courses on offer are usually assigned.