Alfa Fí ΑΦ

Alfa Fi, the first Czech university sorority, was established in 2011 with the aim to organize smaller public social events and thus to try out the managerial skills in a fun way.

Although the sorority was originally based on a recession and conducted in a very unofficial form, its members seek to develop, improve, accept and learn from criticism and give the association a unified form to which the faculty might be proud of.

Nowadays, their mission is mainly charity. Activities are gradually expanding, and Alphas are building their own paths and look for new opportunities for growth, not just in the area of ​​charity events. Since March 2016, they have also become Good Angels.

The motto of Alpha Fi is “Help with nobility” and their symbol is a hummingbird. It is said that hummingbird is the wearer of joy, happiness and harmony.

Do you want to become Alpha? Write a message on Facebook (@alfasestry) and become one of them!