“I appreciate at most the beauties of Jindrichuv Hradec and different – student’s friendly – teaching style of the lecturers at the Faculty of Management.”

Anna (Finland)

“I appreciate beautiful city of Jindrichuv Hradec, nice atmosphere and very nice people. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone participating exchange program in VSE. It was one of the best weeks in the Czech Republic as an experience. Thank you so much for this unique chance!”

Emma (Finland)

“I appreciate the incredible organization and a super-warm welcome. We were treated really nicely, both by students and professors. All of the staff working on the course was unbelievably helpful to us, and they were really giving their best to make us feel amazing in Jindrichuv Hradec.”

Tin (Croatia)

“The teacher was really kind and funny and gave us good explanations.”

Anete (France)

“I appreciate at most our Buddies showing us all the beauties of Jindrichuv Hradec.”

Blaine & Le (Canada)

“The uni is very small and familiar, it has a warm atmosphere and made us feel comfortable. The teachers were definitely qualified and very friendly and it was fun to take their class. Our amazing Buddies organised a lot of enjoyable trips and activities for us and also helped us wherever they could. Therefore, I’d definitely recommend the intensive course in Jindrichuv Hradec to other students.”

Floriana (Germany)

“Highly recommended, everything was good and well prepared. One week here showed us the benefits of being in a smaller university where u can easily be in touch with your professors and colleagues.”

Carlo (Italy)

“I was impressed by the campus in Jindřichův Hradec. The faculty is very modern and nice. I enjoyed my time here, learning from the intelligent marketing professors and bonding with the helpful buddies. The buddies helped me get settled in the town and find my way around the area. They made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would definitely recommend this course and program to other students who want to explore a smaller part of the Czech Republic.”

Erica (USA)

“It was great, helpful, everyone was nice!”

Jona (Croatia)

“The whole experience was amazing. It was definitely one of the most interesting courses I have had with great professors know who how to keep our attention. The building of the faculty is beautiful and I really enjoyed spending time at the university, as well as city sightseeing and all the organized trips. The buddies are great, I am really happy to have met them, and they could not have been more helpful and kind. I would suggest everybody to attend this course and I will spread the word about this Faculty to everyone in Prague!”

Tea (Italy)

“The buddies were very kind and helpful. The lecturers were really passionate about the subject. Loved the trips we took and loved the town of JH!”

Martin (Canada)

“I would definitely recommend the program to other students. The Faculty is really nice and well equipped. The Buddies were friendly and helpful during both the trips and the nice activities they organized.”

Marco (Italy)

“Loved the programme. Buddies were really friendly and welcoming – made our time here really fun. The faculty is really nice and modern and he teachers were very enthusiastic/passionate about the subject they teach. I would definitely recommend to other students – I really enjoyed my time here.”

Claire (Scotland)

“The Faculty of Management is a good learning circumstance, the course and the teachers in this program also taught me a lot!!! Like the accompanying program, and buddies really helpful and nice. I will recommend this study and experience program!”

Yan (Taiwan)

“I loved the class and the experience overall. I had a great time here and am so glad I signed up for the class!”

MacKinsey (USA)

“I was really surprised with the Faculty of Management. It was incredibly modern and well organized. The hole infrastructure was amazing. The course was entertaining and well done. Both teachers managed to gain our attention all the time, as the topics we saw and the way they delivered them were on point. The hole program was unbelievable. A really good experience were we got to meet new people and a new city. Everything was quite perfect, and we could clearly notice everyone was trying really hard to make sure we had a good time. Buddies and the activities they organized were great. I’m happy not only to have met the people that were taking the course with me, but the Buddies that helped us and were at our disposal the hole time. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone.”

Nicolás (Argentina)

“Yeah, of course, it’s a really good experience at the faculty management. And the professors are so nice and teach us professional knowledge with some interesting examples and cases, which is easy for me to understand. On the other hand, I like this program and the buddies are so helpful, kind and friendly. I really appreciate for their help. Lastly, it’s sure that I will recommend this program to other students! By the way, I like this town, quiet, beautiful. And the tour of Natural Park and castle is really good cause I like going hiking.”

Zhang (China)

“I had a really great time at the Study & Experience programme! The buddies were amazing and the trip wouldn’t have been the same without them. They were really organised, fun and made us feel really welcome! Communicating with [Buddies] through the Facebook group made it super easy. The Faculty of Management is a really good school, the campus is lovely and the professors were great! The courses were interesting and we learned a lot in the few days. I would 100% recommend this to other students! The experience part of the programme was also excellent and we had lots of fun doing the activities that we had planned! The buddies join us on them all too which was nice. We all made new friends and I would encourage others to join the programme.”

Amy (Scotland)

“I would definitely recommend it! The buddies and the teachers were really relaxed and friendly and we had a great programme, many free time and the course was interesting as well. It was a good experience and totally different compared to the study life in Prague.”

Anna (Germany)

“The building is very nice and modern with good facilities. The faculty seemed organized, with few students. The course was very interesting and had a low workload. The teachers were both good and engaging. The accompanying program was fun (and the best part of the program); the buddies were friendly, easy-going and helpful. Overall, I’d definitely recommend the program to other students.”

Maria (Portugal)

“I would definitely recommend this program to other students. I loved being able to see another city in the Czech Republic and meeting other students from VSE. The school seemed very nice and modern and had a great faculty that seemed to be very excited to have us there. The buddies were also so great and nice and were fun to go out with and explore the city!”

Rebecca (USA)

“I feel very lucky to have been part of the Study and Experience Program at the Faculty of Management. The Faculty of Management is very student-oriented and an ideal place to study. The two course lecturers we had were very engaging, so the classes never got boring. Thanks to them, I learnt about many advertising case studies I’d never heard of before. The accompanying program was extremely well organised and allowed us to learn more about the Czech Republic’s culture and history. It made the five days feel more of a vacation than a university course, which was a welcome change from lessons in Prague. The buddies were key in making this all possible. Managing a large group of students is never easy, but they did so brilliantly. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this Study and Experience Program to other students. It was not only intellectually engaging, but also culturally interesting.”

Elvira (Spain)

“The program is great that provides both learning and leisure activities that we can meet more friends. The faculty of Management is very new and great view with good facilities. My course is suitable for my standard and we can really try to learn the practical stuff of running a business. The buddies are very good that guide us when we have some difficulties in the program. I would recommend it to my friends.”

Wong (Hong Kong)