Management Study Programme

Study programme overview

Study programme Management prepares students for middle and senior management positions in all types of companies and organizations. Graduates are able to coordinate activities and resources and create an environment and conditions for meeting the strategic goals of the organization, including the ability to set these goals. The most important skills that are developed during the study usually form the basic content of the manager’s work. This includes, in particular, the ability to manage relationships, organization and changes. In addition to these managerial skills, graduates are able to use the economic tools needed to manage the organization and to orient themselves in the development of economic conditions in a particular environment. Graduates of the Faculty of Management find employment in the business, public and non-profit sectors without any problems.

The study is intended for students of all types of secondary schools who will graduate secondary school with a final exam in 2024 at the latest. The focus or specialization of a secondary school does not matter. While graduates of business academies or economic high schools will already have higher knowledge of professional subjects (economics, management, accounting, etc.) before starting their studies at the Faculty of Management, grammar school graduates will come up with a better knowledge of exact subjects (like mathematics). However, the introduction to all subjects is built in such a way as to compare these possible differences and thus set equal conditions for successful completion of individual subjects for all students.

This programme can be studied in full-time and combined form. Full-time study is a traditional form of study in which students attend classes on a daily basis. Classes are usually in the form of lectures and exercises. The combined form of study is then intended primarily for those who want to combine university studies with work or other obligations (for example, concurrent full-time study at another university). During the semester, students participate in 4 intensive weekend workshops at the premises of the Faculty of Management, the rest of their studies is in the form of self-study.

Students of both forms have a fixed schedule for the first semester of study, which makes it much easier for them to enter university life. Each subsequent semester, they can choose the subjects at their discretion. Thanks to this, they can partially adapt the schedule to suit them in terms of content and time.

Admission procedure

We have simplified the admission procedure for 2024/2025.

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Study plan

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Practice during the study

As more and more emphasis is placed on internships and practise by future potential employers, we offer students of the Management study programme to already gain practice during their studies. The faculty has built a stable partner network who regularly offer students the opportunity for so-called professional practice. This is an optional part of the study, which always depends on the personality and individual time possibilities of the student. Another opportunity to gain internship is the annual Job Fair, which is organized by students of the Faculty of Management.

Study abroad

During their studies, students have an invaluable opportunity to participate in short-term and long-term exchange stays or internships abroad. The Prague University of Economics and Business has more than 250 partner universities around the world, the students thus have a wide range of options when choosing their desired destination country. In addition, the Faculty of Management provides all students who decide to complete an exchange study stay or an abroad internship with above-standard financial support (scholarship) beyond the scope of regular support, which makes it significantly different not only from other universities but also from other faculties of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Equipment and facilities

The premises of the Faculty of Management has undergone a number of renovations in recent years, making it one of the most modern and best-equipped faculties in the Czech Republic. It offers students above-standard study and leisure facilities with a number of top equipment and trifles that are not a standard at other universities. All classrooms are fully modernized and offer high comfort even during longer classes (for example, there are electrical outlets for each and every study place). The entire building is covered by the eduroam wireless network signal, to which students automatically have free access. There are a number of quiet chill-out zones throughout the building, which students use between lectures.

The modern library of the Faculty of Management with its three floors offers not only an extensive collection of professional literature, but also a number of spacious coworking booths, which students use for self-study, individual and group assignments or work on their own projects. There are also a number of computer labs available to students, some of which they can use at any time outside of regular classes. In addition, each student has a unique opportunity to use up to five free licenses for all software in the Microsoft Office 365 office suite or to obtain other applications or versions of Microsoft operating systems free of charge.

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