Exchange Study Trip

This is a reciprocal student mobility exchange programme, during which the exchange student is still a student of the dispatching school. Therefore, there is no interruption to studies; the student remains a student of the university throughout the course of the trip. The subjects of study, respectively the credits, are recognized after the trip as part of the study plan.

Benefits of this form of mobility

  • A high-quality and extensive network of partner universities
  • Clear rules; organizational and administrative support from the university’s International Office.
  • Long-term experience with the programme at home and abroad
  • Recognition of the acquired credits toward the student’s study plan
  • Fixed eligible financial support after qualifying
  • Exemption from the payment of tuition fees at the host university

Disadvantages of this form of mobility

  • The need to participate in the selection process and to meet the given conditions
  • Competition from all students of the Prague University of Economics and Business
  • The need to schedule a trip well in advance

Detail information can be found on the VŠE International Office web pages.

Mobility funding

Any student who successfully passes the mobility selection process and meets all the requirements is eligible for financial support. Only students of regular studies can participate in this programme.

Study trips to European partner universities are funded from the ERASMUS program resources.

Study trips outside Europe (overseas countries, Russia) are funded from VŠE internal resources.

Student of the Faculty of Management can asked for additional support from faculty’s resources under these conditions:

  • student must succeed in a selection procedure
  • student must enrol international courses in a minimum range of 20 ECTS

For more information about the rules on foreign mobility funding, please visit: