Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is intended for students who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of knowledge management, information systems management. Students, who are interested in the basics of modern database systems, supply chain management and basic approaches to modeling in economics and management. Graduates of the minor will be able to orient themselves in a wide range of tools and techniques for working with information and knowledge and will be able to design and implement complex systems in a dynamic globalized environment.

The graduates will be able to…

  • use the procedures of knowledge management and organizational learning and apply the principles of process management and systems thinking, design critical success factors and key indicators for measuring performance and use them to evaluate the performance of the company,
  • use SQL language to work with the database, analyze the requirements of a simple information system and design a suitable data model and apply the rules for transforming the model into the database design,
  • apply selected logistics technologies in the design and evaluation of the supply chain, analyze the risks associated with the creation of the supply chain, discuss the specifics of different types of supply chains,
  • understand the essence of management information systems and their role in the management of the company,
  • solve basic microeconomic problems related to decision-making of companies and individuals and design their own solutions, analyze factors influencing significantly selected micro and macro indicators, use mathematical, statistical, graphical and software tools for quantitative analysis and modeling, analyze the degree of convergence / divergence / polarization and stability / mobility development.