Marketing Management

Marketing is one of the fields that currently attracts students the most. They have the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the issues of consumer behavior, brand management, service marketing and digital marketing within this minor field. These areas are complemented by a comprehensive marketing simulation that examines how students are able to apply the acquired knowledge. Graduates of this minor field will be able to apply a wide range of marketing tools and techniques and to design and implement complex marketing strategies in a dynamic globalized environment.

The graduates will be able to…

  • understand the specifics of online marketing, design comprehensive marketing strategies including online and offline marketing tools, identify specific characteristics of customers in the online environment and take into account the different ways of consumer online behavior depending on these characteristics,
  • distinguish between different perspectives on consumer behavior; design and analyze consumer surveys; use selected concepts and theories of consumer culture in the interpretation of historical and contemporary trends in the development of consumerism; take into account the economic and managerial view of consumption with social and cultural criticism of consumerism,
  • design appropriate tools to ensure business growth of brands, design and implement long-term branding strategies for effective brand management; identify the target groups of brand users, their specifics, needs and approaches to the brand,
  • understand the specifics of marketing in the field of services, design and implement marketing strategies for a company providing services; apply the 7P marketing mix in services to improve the performance of the company providing services and higher client satisfaction,
  • demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired by completing the subjects of minor field in the environment of complex marketing simulation.