Qualifying Thesis Templates

For the correct citation of sources in the text (this concerns the qualifying and semester thesis templates) and for creating a correctly formatted list of literature, one of three options can be used:

  1. Download Zotero reference software (if using Chrome – download Zotero Standalone and Chrome Extension; if using Firefox – download Zotero for Firefox; Internet Explorer users can either download a different browser or move straight to point 2). For correct referencing in Zotero, you will still need to download citation style ČSN 690 for Zotero (modified according to the requirements in the template). In Zotero, choose Tools/Settings/Citation and Styles on the tab. Using the + button will add the style you have previously downloaded and be saved to your disk. Citation tools can be located during writing in Word on the Add-ons tab (if you do not see anything like that, you can enable it from the File/Options/enable Zotero Add-ons The Zotero program must be running to allow Word citations to work.
  2. Download the Mendeley citation software. In Mendeley, select the menu Tools/install MS Word Plug-in. For a specific citation in Mendeley, you will need to download citation style ČSN 690 for Mendeley. In View/Citation Style choose More styles. On the Get More Styles tab, enter in the Download Style field the address http://csl.mendeley.com/styles/6947853/iso690-author-date-FM-VSE. After confirming Download, the Installed tab should show the ISO-690 style (author-date, Czech) modified for FM VŠE (use the mouse to select Use this Style). Citation tools to be used when writing can be located in Word on the Citation tab (Mendeley replaces the standard built-in MS Word citation tool with the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic tool. If you cannot find this tool, you probably forgot to install the MS Word Plug-in in the program menu). To correctly display the literature reference list, switch Mendeley to the Czech language. This is done by downloading the loadlocale.js file and uploading it to C:\Program Files (x86)\MendeleyDesktop\citeproc-js\src\. You will also need to change the „en-US“ to „cs-CZ“ in the CiteprocReact.js file (in the same directory) at line 46.
  3. Do not download anything. Go to citace.com. Create an account and create your own citation database there. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use any auto-quote insertion tool when writing in Word. However, quotations stored in the citace.com database have the required format for creating a list of literature. You will need to manually create links (name, year).

Resources found on scholar.google.com apply to all three of the above procedures so there is no need to manually enter all source information into the database. You can use the Cite link listed for each source. To import data to Zotero (File/Import), Mendeley (File/Import) and citace.com (Add-ons, Import and Setting/Import RIS) use the RefMan format (after downloading the .ris file). N.B. A lot of data in the scholar record is incomplete, a lot of data is missing and needs to be manually added after importing into the citation software! Typically, this concerns the names of the authors (the scholars only have initials), the ISBN, the place of publication, the information about the venue of the conferences (often missing in the scholar), … Websites and other “non-academic” sources cannot be found in the scholar and must be entered in the database manually. If in doubt regarding the correct citation of specific types of documents, you will need to consult the Bibliographic References and Document Citation in accordance with ČSN ISO 690 (01 0197) valid from 1st April 2011 before asking the supervisor of your thesis. If you discover an error in the template, please report it to tomas.kincl@vse.cz.

Known issues

  1. If you wish to insert an image (or another graphic object), proceed as follows: Insert image and make sure that text wrapping is set Parallel to Text. Then assign to the image the template style FM VŠE: Image. This will ensure that the image is correctly aligned and wrapped with text. When selecting a caption, follow the usual procedure to assign the source to the image, assign the style FM VŠE: Table or Image Source.
  2. If adding bullets (sequenced or not), do not use the button on the Home-Paragraph-Bullets/Numbering tab. Use the created style FM VŠE: Bullets level 1 or FM VŠE: Numbered bullets level 1. Only then will the paragraph indent be set correctly.