State exams and thesis defences

State exams and thesis defences are usually held three times a year at the Faculty of Management; twice in the summer semester – May/June and August, and once in the winter semester – January/February. These are mostly concentrated in the second half of the examination period, usually in the last week of August. Dates are listed in InSIS three months in advance.

When to enter ident

Preferably at the beginning of the semester in which you plan to take the state exam or defend your thesis. Entering the appropriate idents for the out of semester courses will state your requirements. This then serves as the basis for scheduling the dates.

Important documents

Waiting lists, state exams and defence forms

Shared storage with waiting lists and forms (you must log in with a university account first; the same method as into O365)

Note: waiting lists are to only for information; students must arrive in advance to their exams and defences.

Who should I ask?

If you have any questions about the assigned dates, please contact the listing departments:

Dress Code

Neither the Prague University of Economics and Business nor the Faculty of Management has a specific dress code. Nevertheless, we recommend keeping to the standards of business casual, semi-formal, and smart casual where necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Q: When will the dates be listed?

A: Dates are listed three months before the examinations. The deadline for listing in the system is stated in the schedule for the given academic year.

Q: Capacity is full, what should I do?

A: At this stage, keep regularly monitoring the InSIS as students regularly check out and change dates. However, if you have still been unsuccessful after some time and no capacity is available, you can contact your enrolling department and advise them of your situation.

Q: What thesis defence ident should I write down?

A: First, write down the ident for the department where the thesis is being processed (62DPSV for the Department of Social Sciences and 62DPMI for the Department of Exact Methods). In the case of the Department of Management, ideally according to the studied specialisation (62DPPS, 62DPVS, 62DPMZ), respectively, depending on which specialisation is most relevant to the topic.

Q: When is it possible to repeat an unsuccessful exam or defence?

A: This is stipulated in the Study and Examination Rules of the Faculty of Economics (Art. 15): Each part of the final state examination can only be repeated twice. Repetition of parts of the state final examination with the exception of the defence of a thesis is possible no earlier than one month from the date of the failed exam. The defence of a thesis may be repeated no earlier than three months from the date of the failed defence. 

Q: How do I excuse yourself from the date of the scheduled defence?

A: Please forward your apology with the justification to the Study Department for the attention of Mrs Monika Bromová. The deadlines for apologies are set out in Article 11 of the Study and Examination Rules.