Employee Mobility

Employees of the Faculty of Management can travel abroad to the same extent as their students. The Faculty of Management seeks to continuously develop foreign relations and supports its staff in gaining experience abroad.

What are the options for travelling abroad?

ERASMUS+ Programme

  • The option to attend a foreign university in EU member states, EEA countries, Turkey and Macedonia.
  • Extensive partner network
  • Clear rules for travel and a steady formal documentation process
  • Secured financing of the stay from programme resources
  • Detailed information

Research and lecture stays abroad on the basis of international agreements

  • The option to work at foreign universities in different European and non-European countries
  • The offer does not specify specific foreign universities
  • The offer of locations and countries is updated each year
  • Both short and long term stays are available
  • The option to choose between a lecture or research stay
  • Detailed information – House of Foreign Cooperation

CEEPUS programme

  • Exchange trips to universities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The stay can be granted on the basis of an application submitted to the CFC selection process or to the Freemover programme
  • The allowance for the stay is paid from the CEEPUS programme

Who provides the support and funding?

International mobility at the level of the Prague University of Economics and Business is under the patronage of the International Office. You can find information on all forms of mobility on their website. However, they are mainly tasked with the ERASMUS exchange programmes, which are governed by unified rules. The department provides administrative and information support for this type of mobility as well as financing from the ERASMUS programme funds.

The Vice-Dean for Development and External Relations at the Faculty of Management is responsible for the international mobility agenda.

Where can I find the information?

The main source of information is the website of the VŠE International Office (IO). All relevant information is available on the website including the rules and procedures for organising ERASMUS trips as the most common form of international mobility.

Promoting the faculty abroad

The faculty continually seeks ways to cooperate with foreign universities and to engage more intensely in student and academic mobility. Therefore, the staff that are part of the programme are asked to promote the faculty to the best of their ability.

All employees can apply for promotional materials for the faculty, which will be issued by the PR manager of the faculty. The following information materials that are available in electronic form can also be used: