Department of Exact Methods

The Department was founded in 2002 although its origins date back to 1992. Within the Institute of Regional Management, Faculty of Education at the University of South Bohemia, the Department of Mathematical Methods and Informatics was founded under the supervision of doc. Stuchlý. With the establishment of the separate faculty in 1994, two departments were established at the Department of Mathematical Methods and Informatics (Headed by Prof. Černý) – the Department of Mathematical Methods and Statistics (headed by doc. Stuchlý) and the Department of Informatics (headed by Ing. Jelínek). In 1997, the Department of Informatics (headed by Ing. Jelínek) and the Department of Mathematical Methods (headed by doc. Stuchlý) were founded. In 2002, the two departments were merged, therefore, paving the way for the new Department of Information Management (headed by Prof. Jiroušek). In July 2012, the Faculty of Management underwent structural changes and the department changed its name to the Department of Exact Methods. No modern manager can do without suitable formal tools or ways to effectively use information and knowledge. Whether from an educational or expert point of view, these are the two areas that the members of the department deal with. Regardless of the department’s internal structure or its organisational integration, informatics, applied mathematics and statistics have always held a strong and irreplaceable position at the faculty. This is not only as basic or supportive subjects for other departments but also for the education of students with managerial and informational secondary specialisation.


Assoc. Prof. Jitka Bartosova, Ph.D.jitka.bartosova@vse.cz319+420 384 417 221
Simona Bazantova
Deputy-Head of the Department
simona.bazantova@vse.cz508+420 384 417 152
Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Bina, Ph.D.vladislav.bina@vse.cz317+420 384 417 166
Assoc. Prof. Anna Cernaanna.cerna@vse.cz314+420 384 417 211
Daria Gunina, Ph.D.daria.gunina@vse.cz327+420 384 417 117
Assoc. Prof. Lenka Komarkova, Ph.D.lenka.komarkova@vse.cz313+420 384 417 222
Jiri Pribil, Ph.D.jiri.pribil@vse.cz304+420 384 417 204
Vladimir Pribyl, Ph.D.vladimir.pribyl@vse.cz318+420 384 417 241
Lucie Vachova, Ph.D.
Head of the Department
lucie.vachova@vse.cz312+420 384 417 202
Veronika Vasickova, Ph.D.veronika.vasickova@vse.cz106+420 384 417 203

Scientific research activities

Individual employees of the Department of Information Management are directly involved with research and development projects within various grant agencies (GAČR IGA, VŠE, MŠMT etc.) as well as specific research projects. In recent years, many scientific and development projects have been undertaken.


Members of the Department of Information Management present the results of their scientific work at national and international conferences, in professional journals, monographs and teaching texts. A selection of these publications can be found in the InSIS information system.

Pedagogical activity

The department teaches subjects both full-time and as a combined form of study, at both levels of study – Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The list of all subjects currently taught can be found in the InSIS information system. The department is the guarantor of Information Management specialisation with subjects set to develop basic knowledge acquired from optional courses. The selected subjects are also offered to those who come from other specialisations. Members of the department have been involved in the long-term preparation of the faculty’s entrance exams for “Prerequisites for Managerial Decision making”. They also actively and continuously participate in the courses designed for the public, in commercial courses and lectures at the Third Age University. The bachelor’s and master’s degree theses managed by the Department are regularly awarded prizes from the Dean or Rector.

Collaboration with practice

Members of the Department have traditionally worked with many external entities within their expertise. As a result, a number of projects have been put into practice in collaboration with state administration bodies (optimisation of transport services in urban agglomerations and territories), and with the private sector. The subject of Professional Practice offers students various job positions in regional companies where they can put their acquired expertise into practice in real situations. A specific form of communication and informal cooperation with external companies is the annual meeting of students and graduates of the Information Management specialisation, which within the professional and social programme, generates many useful suggestions and practical comments, thus facilitating the orientation of new graduates in the labour market.