Increase your potential, study PhD (info meeting)

25 Oct

Many students think about what awaits them after graduation. A stable, well-paid, and motivating job awaits most of them, many of them even already have such a position. However, increasing the potential does not need to end with their master’s and the diploma thesis defense.
Doctoral studies. A challenge that many do not dare to undertake. They feel that it will be too complicated and demanding, or that it will not bring much to their (not only professional) life. Let us prove you otherwise.

Join us at the info meeting for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Management, which will take place on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, from 5:00 p.m. in room no 110. The info meeting will take place in a hybrid form, you will thus also be able to participate online. The code for joining a meeting via Microsoft Teams is tt8ga43, you can also use a direct link to the meeting.

What have we prepared for you? We will introduce you to the world of doctoral studies and show you that it is not a useless thing and that it is definitely suitable even for job positions in the top management of national or multinational companies. In the world, the letters Ph.D. have a lot of weight. You will also learn that doctoral studies are one of the ways to build a career in the academic or research world.

If you don’t run away from challenges, if you seriously consider your future, join us and give us a chance to show you the options. Through the world of PhD studies will guide you the vice-dean for science, research and doctoral studies, associate professor Tomas Kincl and the vice-dean for external relations, associate professor Mojmir Sabolovic. The meeting is NOT limited to FM VŠE students; anyone, who is interested, may join and participate.

Increase your potential, study PhD (info meeting)