Process Management Study Programme

Study programme overview

The Process Management study programme is a professional bachelor’s study programme, the aim of which is the maximum possible degree of connection between study and practice. Students who successfully complete this programme thus become experts in the field and can apply in a wide range of professions, especially at the level of lower and middle management in all types of companies and organizations.
Significant part of this programme is being realized in cooperation with partner organizations of the faculty and other experts from practice, which brings a unique benefit in the form of insight into real-life business practice. The topics of these lectures and workshops are always based on current events and trends. Students of the Process Management programme will gain a number of practical experience and skills, primarily through compulsory practice, which takes place in the 3rd year of the study. During the practice, students become part of a organization or company of their own choice, where they are under the professional mentoring of trainers. At the end of the internship, they are evaluated and receive feedback.
The practical level of the study programme also includes solving the real-life business issues, which in the form of projects are assigned to students by representatives of partner organizations. Students consult their projects on an ongoing basis with their mentors and are evaluated for their approach and contribution.

Who is this programme suitable for?

The only condition for the study is a completed secondary education with a high school diploma. The programme aims at everyone who wants to get the most out of a university bachelor’s degree for their future professional career. Unlike the bachelor’s programme Management, which is more theoretically focused, students of the Process Management programme are expected to be more focused, active and willing to strive for the greatest possible personal development. Applicants will include, for example, those who have unique plans and visions for their own projects or start-ups, but need to acquire the necessary managerial know-how to start with. The program is also ideal for those who are purposefully heading for practice, want to obtain a university degree and combine the theory with practice as much as possible.

This programme can only be studied in the full-time form. Full-time study is a traditional form of study in which students attend classes on a daily basis. In the third year of the study, students become part of a partner organization of their own choice, in which they spend 520 hours within the compulsory internship practice, which corresponds to approximately 3 months of full-time job.

Admission procedure

We have simplified the admission procedure for 2024/2025.

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The deadline for application submission is April 30, 2024.

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Study plan

What subjects will you take within the Management program?

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Selected partner organizations

The partner organizations network of the Faculty of Management is very extensive and includes both private and public sector organizations. Among the selected ones we can include, for example, the company dm drogerie markt s.r.o., which has been cooperating intensively with the faculty in recent years on solving application projects and which purposefully looking for students of the faculty or the multinational company Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko, s.r.o., which offers students a wide portfolio of internships and trainee programs and at the same time places great emphasis on individual and team projects. Because the Faculty of Management is fully connected with its hometown, Jindřichův Hradec, one of the partners is the Town of Jindřichův Hradec or the local branch of Jihočeská hospodářská komora (the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce), which supports all business activities.

dm drogerie markt
Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko
Jihočeská hospodářská komora
Town of Jindřichův Hradec

Study abroad

During their studies, students have an invaluable opportunity to participate in short-term and long-term exchange stays or internships abroad. The Prague University of Economics and Business has more than 250 partner universities around the world, the students thus have a wide range of options when choosing their desired destination country. In addition, the Faculty of Management provides all students who decide to complete an exchange study stay or an abroad internship with above-standard financial support (scholarship) beyond the scope of regular support, which makes it significantly different not only from other universities but also from other faculties of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Equipment and facilities

The premises of the Faculty of Management has undergone a number of renovations in recent years, making it one of the most modern and best-equipped faculties in the Czech Republic. It offers students above-standard study and leisure facilities with a number of top equipment and trifles that are not a standard at other universities. All classrooms are fully modernized and offer high comfort even during longer classes (for example, there are electrical outlets for each and every study place). The entire building is covered by the eduroam wireless network signal, to which students automatically have free access. There are a number of quiet chill-out zones throughout the building, which students use between lectures.

The modern library of the Faculty of Management with its three floors offers not only an extensive collection of professional literature, but also a number of spacious coworking booths, which students use for self-study, individual and group assignments or work on their own projects. There are also a number of computer labs available to students, some of which they can use at any time outside of regular classes. In addition, each student has a unique opportunity to use up to five free licenses for all software in the Microsoft Office 365 office suite or to obtain other applications or versions of Microsoft operating systems free of charge.

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